Arts + STEM Collaborative

We coordinated a tri-county collaborative that Boeing is funding to elevate arts and STEM education as integrated practices. Since Spring 2013, leaders from San Diego, Orange and LA Counties have been addressing cross-sector, cross-region challenges and opportunities by sharing experiences and streamlining collective efforts.

In Spring 2015, we conducted 10 K-12 school site visits to in Southern California and prepared a report with observation notes and various STEAM project examples.

In 2016, the group will be producing a report to guide effective STEAM practice based on the site visits and input from the collaborative members. 

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As co-founder of STEAMConnect, Kim led the content, development and execution of the first two STEAMConnect conferences = 1,000+ attendees & nine Full STEAM Ahead networking events = 500+ attendees.

We connected STEAM efforts across the world through events, cross-marketing and social media engagement. Grew the network from scratch to 1,500+ and established social media that reaches thousands of followers daily.

Notable connections made between CSLNet and CA Arts Council, and with VH1 Save the Music Foundation, Qatar Foundation International and US News STEM Solutions.

Conference promo videos & STEAM resources

We collaborated with the NewSchool of Architecture & Design for our 2015 conference, and developed an exciting pavilion that became the centerpiece of our reception at SILO in Makers Quarter, San Diego.

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In 2012, Kim joined the task force for CREATE CA, a coalition of state agencies led by the California Department of Education that view arts education as an essential part of the solution to problems facing California schools. The task force wrote a set of recommendations for State Superintendent Tom Torlakson, which became the Blueprint for Creative Education. We are collaborating with CREATE CA to implement the STEAM elements of the blueprint in a strategic manner that leverages our networks across the state.