You’re in education for your students, your staff, your community. You show up every day ready to make a difference, but the seemingly unending day-to-day tasks are keeping you working overtime with little support.

Are you giving yourself the space, time and resources you need to be the leader you’re meant to be?

15 years communications strategist — 1,000s of educators served — 100% dedicated to supporting school leaders

“As a result of Kim’s efforts, my students were able to establish internships and create service learning projects that will have a major impact on the trajectory of their career paths and ways they engage their community as good citizens.... Your campus community will be better connected and engaged after working with Kim; she has my highest recommendation!”
— David Hanlon, teacher at Vista High School
“Teaching has long been a profession where the teacher spends long hours within the confines of their classroom building lessons and connecting to networks in isolation. That was certainly the case for me. The model shifted for me when Kim Richards was hired as External Director at Vista High School. Kim’s personal and structured formula created opportunities for me to connect with colleagues and professionals to design better learning experiences for my students and expand my professional network within my classroom.”
— Matt Stuckey, teacher at Vista High School

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